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"When showing off your catch of the day, WHATTA CATCH is what everyone will say!"
Amanda & Stephen
"We had never been fishing before or had ever thought we would go in our entire lives, but Captain John made it one of the best experiences of our lives. Getting up early and being out on the water in the fresh air was invigorating! John was very patient with us and made every aspect of the experience enjoyable! We can't wait to go again!"

~Stephen DeSalvo & Amanda LoCascio~
"Had another great day on the Whatta Catch with Rob and John. Here is a sample of the quality TOG' they put the "Annual Big Ed" gang on November 24th. We had a blast nailing schoolie bass on jigs after we decided to give the Blackfish a break too! Always have fun with these guys. Even the rest of our group (Dan, Ron, Rich, Terry and Bob) couldn't help but hold their own the fish were so hungry. Thanks again guys!"
~Ray Dunscomb~
"This is my third season fishing with the Whatta Catch crew. Every year gets better and better. Captain John Calamia and Captain Rob Miglino of the Whatta Catch put us on the striped bass again. What a day!!! Best trip we've been on with them. On a day that everyone thought we were crazy for going out in a snow storm we  picked up  at
least seven bass over 20 Lbs. with the largest being 26.17 Lbs. Plus we had another 30 - 35 fish on the boat and released. These two Captains always find a way to amaze me. Keep up the great work guys. We'll be booking earlier this spring."
~ Jim Sutula (Livingston, N.J.)~
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Just a quick note to say thanks again for making our day on the Whatta Catch one we’ll never forget. My father-in-law can’t stop talking about how you guys were able to put us over the fish every time you stopped the boat. I also wanted to thank you for being so attentive and patient with my step-son on his first ever fishing trip. At first he was very discouraged and wanted to just sit there and wait for the day to end but when Captain Rob stayed by his side and
Dave Bass
Felisha Bluefish
showed him exactly what he needed to do he started to get excited about being there. Even though he couldn’t really tell when his bait was being hit, and only caught that one fish, he’s HOOKED! As usual we had a great day of fishing on the Whatta Catch and we're all looking forward to our next trip... even my step-son!
~Dave & Felisha (Middle Village, NY)~
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Tony K.
I have fished on the Whatta Catch for the past seven years and I am still amazed at the amount of action we get every time out. I have chartered with Captains Rob and John for Striped Bass, Blackfish, Fluke, and Sharks and somehow they always put us into the fish. The true testament to both Captains is not only do they know how to fish, but they relay their experience and information to make you a more complete fisherman (They are truly the Best). It is also encouraging to have two Captains on the boat to handle any situation  thrown  at  them.
Good luck with the second boat, and I can not wait to go jigging in the fall.
~Tony K. (Bronx, N.Y.)~
Our fishing experience with Whatta Catch borders the perfect. The weather was challenging which brought out skills in seamanship that were buried deep within my being. Captain John found the fish like it was second nature to him, showing  his years of
boat. When the action waned, Captain John presented several alternatives and our opportunities continued until sunset. In short, the sea remained constant. The difference was the knowledge of Captain John. The evening was out of this world. Try it you will like it.
experience. We seized the opportunity to swing dozens of Blackfish onto the deck of the
~Dave C. (St. Albans, NY)~
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Title/Location              APRIL 14, 2012 - WHATTA CATCH - SHORT RIDE - FILL EM UP -                                    FLOUNDER FISHING
Region                         New York - NY Bight
Fishing Method             Inshore
Posted By                     EC NEWELLMAN
Date Posted                  2012-04-15 09:54:17

With a very large crew on board the 40' WHATTA CATCH saiing out of Mill Basin, Brooklyn, Captain John at the helm and Captain Rob, Captain Joe and Kevin working deck as there was another large group anxious to dig into some of the finest local flounder fishing we have seen here in years.
Captain Rick Smith of the MISS BERYL out of Pt. Lookout, brought down Bobby Blitz and also a very special guest and well noted captain out of that fishing port, Billy Lindroth.
Captain John despite the reports on the hot fishing at the Cedars, focused on fishing the top flounder areas along the flats, and sure enough after the second drop, big flounders were coming up through the last hour and a half of the out going tide.
Even though Captain Rob said he was worried about running out of the flat of sandworms he had on board, mussels easily ruled the day, out fishing the worms 4 to 1 if not more.
Captain Rick Smith & Captain Billy Lindroth on the WHATTA CATCH for ocean run flounders
On the change of tide, we had a very soft incoming current, and with that 'spiny' flounders and the east coast king crab, the spider, started to make a slight nusiance of themselves.
Captain John playing the tides, made a move back to an area where he has always had great success in the past at this time of the year, and a few more flounders came up, before the day was called early in the afternoon.
The big thing today was on the size of the flounder that are now around, with many fish in the one and half to two pound range, and today two three pound fish were caught, with one measuring over 20 injches!
Loads of laughs were shared between the Whatta Catch crew and Captain Billy Lindroth who told a number of stories from back in the day when the Captain Al his dads boat fished out of Freeport and then later, Pt. Lookout.
Captain Rob and his son Robbie, with an ocean run blackback
Getting back to the days flounder fishing, from talking with a few captains, the Cedars fishing was not the drop and lock fishing that it had been over the past few days, with only one boat that I know of putting
the hammer to the fish. Captain John made a great call and even pointing out his notations in the old the Whatta Catch logs on where the flounders would be biting at this time ofseason. The flounders are moving out of the bays very quickly it seems and as we move through this week, the most consistent flounder fishing will happen out in the ocean areas.
With this being off the moon period, I would highly recommend that those that want to catch big ocean run flounders to make their fishing trips soon. I continue to pass along, not only from what I am being told by a few captains and fishermen, but from what I see from being out on the fishing grounds, no doubt this is the finest flounder fishing in a very long time!
Captains Rick and Rob cutting fish on the ride home. It was a great day!
these parts as one of the finest flounder and fluke fishermen in the fishing business for decades, and long time original owner of the ELSIE K while she was at Tamaqua Marina, Captain Tommy Paladino.

Captain Tom has moved on from the fishing business and over the years has run a successful number of boating industry ventures ranging from dinner cruises, ferrying services and lately, seal watching in NY Harbor. During his time running his own fishing boats, he had what many have called one of the most loyal customer carrying fishing businesses in this area, notably with his Giliken designed (Harkers Island) Elsie K III and later his Lydian Elsie K Princess. As I stated above, when it came to catching flounder and fluke, everyone I know will tell you, he was one of the best.
Captain John who worked for him in the past, invited down to come out on the new H&H built WHATTA CATCH as the flounder fishing has been very
Over a week ago, Captain John and Captain Rob of WHATTA CATCH SPORT FISHING had a very close friend come out with them for a few hours of flounder fishing. The close friend is one known to many in
good. I was told Captain Tom was pretty happy enjoying the fishing and telling stories about the fishing back in the day, and Captain Rob said he brought up a story about the Jovial wreck and how Captain Tom told him he was one of the first to have the wreck in the NY BIGHT. I did not know this, as I was told years back that it was Captain Fred Wrege of the EFFORT III who originally had this incredible blackfish and sea bass wreck all to himself.

The story which Captain Rob passed along to me was that Captain Tom Paladino had the wreck for himself for over a decade, supposedly with Captain Billy Doll of the Jet having only one of the ranges, and a second boat which I believe was the Effort having the other. Sounds interesting right?

Captain Rob said that Captain Tom would have very notable catches during the season of easily 20-30 blackfish a man just on that one wreck, and notations made in his log after the days fishing there, 'Jovial - Slaughter.'

Anyhow, I know Captain John and Captain Rob appreciated this day of Captain Tom coming down and fishing with them. I can relate to this and understand how much it means to fish with those legends who guided us along the way in fishing, and now, you returning the favor and taking them out fishing with you. Its a special feeling as the fishing tradition is being passed along in this manner.